My-T-Gear the new standard in Personal Safety. A mark for profession people who believe in the strength of simplicity.

Carrying out work in industry is synonymous with danger. Every professional operator will endeavour to reduce the risks involved as much as possible. Wearing the correct personal protective equipment (PPE) is therefore essential for every tradesman. The difficulty lies in getting “the right” PPE kit. The range of PPE as far as we are concerned has become too large.

This is why the My-T-Gear collection consists of a limited number of items in each product group. Our experts have cut down the overall range to a manageable size. In each group you will find protection equipment to match the risk to which you will be exposed at work.
This range offers many benefits for you and for us:
- manageable range
- greater innovation in each item
- faster turnover for each item
- made by the best manufacturers in the world.
This enables us to price these products even more competitively.

All items are designed by experts and tested by professional users. In view of all the savings, your fellow tradesmen express one more wish: “that not only should it be functional, but also tough and robust”.

My-T-Gear the new standard in Personal Safety
A new line that demonstrates that high quality and affordability can go firmly hand in hand with an up-to-date image and design. A brand for craftsmen who believe in the power of simplicity.